Board Affiliations

Angelo Gordon

Angelo, Gordon & Co. is a privately-held registered investment advisor dedicated to alternative investing. The firm was founded in 1988 and currently manages approximately $23 billion. We seek to generate absolute returns with low volatility by exploiting inefficiencies in selected markets and capitalizing on situations that are not in the mainstream of investment opportunities. We creatively seek out new opportunities that allow us to remain a leader in alternative investments. We have expertise in a broad range of absolute return strategies for both institutional and high net worth investors. Our dedicated team of employees has enabled us to deliver consistent, positive returns over a long period in all market environments. We have built our name on our breadth of talent, intensive research and risk-averse approach to investing. Our long-term experience gives us the insight and patience to turn our vision into profitable, stable businesses.

Noro Moseley

Since 1983, Noro-Moseley Partners has been a leading venture capital firm bringing energy, connections and domain expertise to the strongest entrepreneurs in the Southeast. We invest in promising start-ups and early-growth-stage companies in the technology, healthcare and business services industries. NMP strives to be the entrepreneur’s VC firm of choice by helping entrepreneurs grow companies that become the economic engines of tomorrow.

FG Companies

FG Companies is a consumer and commercial finance advisory firm providing strategic consulting and investment banking services to banks, finance companies and their investors. With offices in New York, Minneapolis and Des Moines, FG utilizes a combination of Wall Street sophistication and real-world operating experience to deliver advice to its clients.